Sunday, March 14, 2010

Access Twitter from Venezuela

These stories come up so fast that it becomes really hard to track.
Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez called on Saturday for regulation of the Internet and as it looks now, Twitter is about to be blocked in Venezuela in the next few weeks.
I find it quite hard to believe that in a very short time millions of people will not be able to access facebook or access twitter any more.
By the end of next month, Securitales will launch a Spanish website in order to support all the Latin America web users that need access to Twitter and Facebook and can not do that because of their governments.
If you live in Venezuela and looking for a way to unblock Twitter, signup to securitales today. you got 1 week free trial.


  1. Thanks to Securitales I was able to keep in touch with family in Venezuela, let's hope restrictions are lifted soon.
    I tested the service first: Securitales Free Trial

  2. Well, I suppose this means it's a bad time to start a site to buy real Twitter followers in Venezuela... LOL.

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