Thursday, May 20, 2010

YouTube and Facebook are blocked in Pakistan

Facebook and YouTube are now blocked in Pakistan. SecuriTales has just announced that the SecuriTales service in Pakistan has been upgraded and now has 5 more servers to support the increasing demand from this country.
How did all that start? A Seattle cartoonist's satirical suggestion that Thursday be dubbed "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" has led to anything but humor in some quarters, particularly Pakistan, which on Wednesday evening shut down Facebook.
An Islamic lawyers association in Lahore, Pakistan, argued that the contest essentially equaled blasphemy, and on Wednesday won a court injunction against the social-networking site. A Facebook page promoting the cartoonist's idea (but not set up by her) had drawn upward of 71,000 members as of 11 p.m. PDT Wednesday night.
Pakistan has joined the club of countries that would rather block the flow of information rather that respect the freedom of speech.
We encourage you all to join the revolution and say no to blocking.