Thursday, March 4, 2010

Access Google from China

The love afair between Google and the government of China seem to be over, and as it looks now, internet users from China will soon have to find a smart way to connect to Google because the easy way will be blocked.
Illinois Senator Richard Durbin said he plans to introduce a bill that would penalize Internet companies that violate customers' human rights at the demand of foreign governments.
This is a very interesting development in the Google China crisis and it seems like this war didn't even start yet.
4 years google after launching Google China, Google lately announced their new approach to China.
Google had suffered lots of criticisms, saying that helping the Chinese government to censor the Internet does not meet the Google 'do no evil' policy.
Until today Chinese web users could at least use to get their information from a relatively reliable source. If Google leaves, the market stays in the Baidu hands and this is very sad.
What will happen to the Chinese search engine market? This is yet to be known.
There is one thing we do know. SecuriTales will be there.


  1. China seems to be restricting more and more sites including Twitter and FaceBook. I hope they lift these restrictions soon.
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