Sunday, July 4, 2010

How to access Facebook in china?

We were very excited to see that Yahoo users recommended SecuriTales when asked how to access Facebook in China. During the last year more and more internet users found SecuriTales as their best solution to access Facebook in China. We are proud that we can help and we will continue improve our service as much as we can for the benefit of our customers.
thank you for your trust!
The SecuriTales team.


  1. I tried your proxy after reading a review and can't believe the trial actually worked! Thanks a lot : )

    Review: Securitales review

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  3. how open my blocked face book after i get in to ur website?

  4. I am using Leafy VPN for unblocking facebook in China. It is free and just working great.

  5. Leafy vpn is best for accessing social media in china and to bypass great firewall of china.